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Get Free Electricity from
your home AC power line ! How ?
BOONDEE Resonant power supply Model D-1512 give free electricity.
resonant powerresonant power
Boondee Resonant Power Supply
Model D-1512, Input A/C 110-220 Volt, Output DC 12 volt, 350 mA
The new technology of Boondee, discovered by Boondee laboratory
resonant powerresonant power
When you plug this device to the electric wall outlet to get electricity, the watt hour meter will not spin. Boondee Resonance power supply can use with any electrical appliances that consume 3 VDC - 12 VDC, not exceed 350 mA such as radio tape cassette, LED lamp, small motor, mobile phone etc.
how it works ?D-1512
Data Specification
Product nameBoondee Resonant Power Supply
TechnologyResonant power supply it captures electromagnetic field from the home cable wire, the electromagnetic field will then process by resonant circuit as a results it generate electricity. When plug the device to the electric wall outlet the device will generate electricity without cause home watt hour meter moving.
InputA/C 110-220 volts, 2.85 Amp, 50/60 Hz
Output12 Volt DC, 350 mA
How to use ?Apply Boondee resonant power as same as power adapter. Just plug to the wall outlet and it gives you free electricity.
Why free electricity ?Generally any electrical appliances when apply with home electricity it will run your watt hour meter. But Boondee resonant device does not run your watt hour meter. This is a reason why it is called Free Electricity, you use electricity but the watt hour meter is not spinning. Thus you don't pay electric bill !!
Wooden box DimensionL x W x H: 18.5 x 12.5 x 18 cm
Net weight2.8 kg
We delivery worldwide door to door service.
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