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DIY Do it yourself for small business
Boondee Power inverter Kit
Input 12 VDC lead acid car battery at least 38 amp or higher
Output 110/220 VAC, 50-60 Hz.
inverter kitinverter kit
DIY Boondee inverter kit allow you to make your own power inverter for your own use or for commercial in your own box design under your brand nameSP208 : Sine wave generator SP208 its function is to operate alternating electronic switch ON/OFF/ON/OFF..etc as fast as 50 or 60 cycle per second of DC battery
SD408: Power driver SD408 its function is to amplify the signal from SP208 to obtain large sine wave current to power the transformer from 12 + 12 volt A/C to 220 Volt A/C
DIY inverter kit
DIY inverter kitDIY inverter kit
SP208 SD408 (one pair of SD408)
One piece module of SD408 is 600 watts half cycle sine wave, you need to apply 2 modules to drive the other half cycle, thus to complete one cycle of sine wave form require to apply one pair (2 modules) of SD408. One pair of SD408 has 600 watts. You can increase the watt as desired by add up the pair of SD408, remember each pair is 600 watts. For example if you need 6000 watts you need to have 10 pairs of SD408
DIY inverter kitDIY inverter kit
Step up transformer
input 12-0-12 A/C
Output 110/220 VAC
How to choose the size of transformer ?
The ratio of electric current (ampere) from secondary coil of transformer to primary coil of transformer is 1:10. For e.g. if you need 1 amp output then the primary side is 10 amp (1 x 10=10). If you want 220 volt AC output then the energy is 1 amp x 220 volt = 220 watts
Secondary output
Rated voltage / load
Size of transformerSize of power inverterSize of battery 12 Volt DC
220 Volt AC, 100 watts4.5 amp108 watts~5 amp
220 Volt AC, 600 watts28 amp672 watts~30 amp
220 Volt AC, 1200 watts (1.2kw)55 amp1320 watts~55 amp
220 Volt AC, 1800 watts (1.8kw)82 amp1968 watts~85 amp
220 Volt AC, 2400 watts (2.4kw)110 amp2640 watts~110 amp
220 Volt AC, 3000 watts (3kw)137amp3288 watts~137 amp
220 Volt AC, 6000 watts (6kw)273 amp6552 watts~275 amp
220 Volt AC, 12000 watts (12kw)545 amp13,080 watts~550 amp
Howmany hour the battery supply electricity ?
From the above table, if the size of transformer is 4.5 amp and your battery is 5 amp. You can use electricity for about nearly one hour. Depending on the efficiency of battery. Generally car battery can use only 70% of total amp before recharging. Thus 5 amp of lead acid car battery can use about 42 minutes of 100 watts load.
How to connect SP208 to SD408 and to transformer ?
An instruction with video CD will be sent along with shipping. Note that it is uncomplicated, very simple. Money back guarantee !
What do we supply for inverter kit ?
We supply SP208, SD408, and power transformer
Price ?
Please Contact Us for pricing, inform the watts you want, quantity and your shipping address. We will get back a quote to you within 12 hours.
How much for the DIY Plan without components ?
You can buy our plan to build it up by yourself, the DIY Plan price is US$ 100 you can buy at this page
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